Booking Jack as a Speaker

Jack is a frequent speaker at industry events, company functions, for charity events and at universities. He has appeared on TV and radio as well.

He is equally comfortable and effective talking with an audience of “C” level leaders, board members, employees and young people early in their career or still in college.

Jack capitalizes on his extensive business background when involved facilitating single or multi-day corporate strategy development events.

In all of Jack's speaking engagements, participants are asked to describe in writing their reaction to the presentation with a single word,i.e. cut to the bottom line assess impact. Typical one-word evaluations include:

Eye-Opening                Enlightening        Important
Inspiring                      Insightful            Empowering
Broadening                  Impressive          Realistic
Motivational                 Unique                Action-Oriented
Some 2017 Speaking Engagements:
February       RPI Business School Students (Troy, NY)
March           Fordham University Business School Students (NY City)
March           PSG of Mercer County (NJ)
Some 2016 Speaking Engagements
February        Drew University Career Day (NJ)
April              Union Catholic High School (NJ)
April              Hub International (NY Cty)
May              Washington & Jefferson University (Pa)
June             Gearhart Law Intellectual Property Law Symposium (NY City)
July               Fairleigh Dickinson University Teen Business Boot Camp (NJ)
July               Deloitte's Summer College Intern Training (NY City)
September     Colgate-Palmolive Research (NJ)
October         New Jersey Manufacturing Day (NJ)
November     Manhattan Inventors Association (NYCity)
November     Acrilex, Inc.(NJ)
November     Morris Tech Meet-Up (NJ)
November     MIT Women Graduates of Sloan School of Management (NY City)

For booking Jack as a speaker or as a strategic facilitator please email: or use the form below.