Keith Ferrazzi

Author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller “Who’s Got Your Back” and “Never Eat Alone”

“Over more than 35 years as an entrepreneur, Jack went from being a self-described “neophyte” at developing relationships to being astute and very successful. He has paid his dues and has a wealth of knowledge on how to build new relationships, and take care of existing ones. Whether you’re a CEO or just starting out. This book provides actionable tools for any working professional.”


Fred C. Klein

Esq., Managing Partner, Klein Zelman Rothermel Jacobs & Schess LLP.  Co-Founder: Gotham City Networking, Inc.

“Why do I like Jack Killion? Is it his toothy smile, is it his intelligent optimism or is it the fact that he lights up a room when he enters it?  I’m not sure, but I’m flattered that he asked me to comment on his book.

What I do know is that Jack has hit on an important subject which he recognizes is not formally taught.

My father was a salesman and he taught me to “get on the level” of another person so we will have a commonality. Using this technique, Jack is right, we must network everywhere, all the time, with everybody to develop winning friendships and working relationships.

My networking mantra is that it’s better to give than receive, but what goes around comes around. I think Jack epitomizes this ethos and I think everybody who wants to be on the same level with Jack should read his book. I highly recommend it.”


Andrew J. Rosman

Ph.D. CPA, Dean, Silberman College of Business, Fairleigh Dickinson University

“Networking is as natural and necessary to Jack Killion as is breathing. Although he has been successful at breeding horses and publishing magazines, those were hobbies and vocations. Networking is his passion. And, that comes out clearly in his book. “Network Everywhere, All the Time, With Everybody” is a must read for anyone interested in developing relationships, as are books by Julia Child and James Beard for anyone interested in the art of cooking. Jack goes into great detail about the “why” for constructing networks and the “how” including using events to create networking opportunities. Then there is the simple breakfast meeting to start off a day of networking that works well, too. It is all presented in a straightforward and clear way with the result that networking, which is necessary in all facets of life, becomes something comfortable and natural, so that the reader becomes really good at it and passionate about it.”


Anthony Campanelli

Partner, Deloitte

“The ability to form strong relationships is one of the most crucial success factors in business, opening doors and getting you more than a seat at the table.  Yet, for many, networking—and doing it well—remains a huge, missed opportunity to create opportunities. Everyone knows building connections is important, but navigating how to do it as a life and career enhancing skill is not always so intuitive. Jack’s Killion’s “how-to” resource on why we all need to network and how to do it successfully is a great resource, giving readers a head-start in mastering this essential skill. It is chock full of practical yet powerful insights culled from his more than 40 years honing networking skills as an entrepreneur and advisor to some of the world’s leading brands. This is a must-read—if you want to further your professional journey or enhance the connections you form in life.”


Tori Haring-Smith

President, Washington & Jefferson College

“Jack Killion’s book should be required reading. Not only does he  outline in clear terms how to build and sustain meaningful relationships, but he also demonstrates how those skills are essential to building a successful business and leading a full life. 
A recent survey revealed that, more than any other skill, employers want their new hires to be able to work together productively in diverse teams.  His book is an anecdote-filled inspiration for all of us to build and sustain the kind of strong interpersonal relationships with strangers and friends alike that are the foundation for a successful business and a full life.

Without overlooking the usefulness of virtual networking the book is especially important for college students and young professionals who are adept at building a directory of “friends” in a superficial way through text and social media sites but who are much less at ease with the complementary and essential skills of deep-rooted and long-lasting in-person networking. 

As Killion points out, networking is one of those essential activities that we do naturally as children–like dancing and drawing fantastical pictures as if no one were looking over our shoulder–but a skill that takes more conscious effort as we grow older. 

This book celebrates our fundamental nature as social beings and show us how to build and sustain the strong relationships that are the foundation for a successful business and a full life.

Killion is the ultimate networker, and here he shares his secrets.”


Muhammad Rafiuddin Shah

CTITF Office, Department of Political Affairs, United Nations

“I have a copy of Jack’s book in my IPad and will continue benefiting from it for the rest of my life.

It was my quest for building a short list of wise friends to consult with in life defining situations that brought me face to face with Jack. I was surfing a professional networking website and saw Jack’s profile vigorously advocating the importance of networking for success in life and business. He was advocating that we all build a short list of wise friends who will be open to share their advice in life changing situations.

Our first meeting was very interesting.  I was taking mental notes of all his comments. I had recently returned to New York from Nigeria. We were trying to build a new partnership with some very senior officials on the Nigerian side and I was not sure how much time it will take us to start our work in the country and what will be the critical points to build that relationship. It was my first meeting with Jack and he was unknowingly responding to some of my business-relations building questions when he said, “It takes about six to nine months to build a professional contact”. He was calm and very realistic about the prospects of new networking endeavors. This was not only my first meeting with Jack but also my first exposure to a “professional networking approach”. What I picked from Jack – my wise friend – is that it is one step at a time like building of a pyramid or a skyscraper- Rome was not build in a day. We can’t build it in one day, but we should continue putting on new bricks whenever we get an opportunity.”


Mukesh M. Patel

Serial Entrepreneur, Private Equity Principal, Attorney, Mentor-Advisor to Start-ups and Growth Ventures, Adjunct Professor, Rutgers Business School, Management & Global Business. Founder of and – an accelerator and incubator for entrepreneurs, technologists and creatives

“I have read a lot of books on personal development and practical business books. This one rises to the top among the best of class. It’s an insightful and powerful book filled with real life examples and tactics for people of all ages to benefit.”  

Jack has achieved the ultimate academic pedigree, climbed the corporate ladder, and succeeded the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, not once, but multiple times. That gives Jack a unique perspective and set of lenses through which he can clearly articulate his experiences, insights, and advice.  Take the advice! Read the book, execute on it to change and improve your life, and then help someone else do the same.   

As a serial entrepreneur and adjunct college professor who mentors and advises students, executives, entrepreneurs and companies, it has become clear how so many people are weak in networking.  There is a huge need for this kind of book to provide a roadmap filled with real life scenarios and tactics on how to start, build, and maintain meaningful relationships to improve one’s career, business and life. 

If Jack had only written this book sooner, how readers’ lives could have improved earlier.  It’s an authentic book on how to build and maintain a network and how to leverage your network to change and improve your career, life and business.  Equally important, it tells you how you can make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Happy adventures reading this book.”


Richard R Shapiro

President, The Center For Client Retention

“Everyone should read Jack Killion’s new book on networking. Parents will do their children a favor by giving Mr. Killion’s book as a high school graduation gift, when they are old enough to be curious about how to be successful.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Jack for almost 5 years. Of course, I met him through networking. As a businessman, I have always been adept at connecting with clients and customers, but Jack has taught me the true art of how to network effectively. First and foremost, he is always interested in learning more about others than him telling them about himself. This book will help all readers open the door to a new world; a world built on creating and building relationships. The result will make life more fulfilling on a personal level and help secure new leads for any business endeavor.  Mr. Killion’s book will enrich your life and sow seeds for any company’s growth as you learn from others and others learn from you.”


Greg Eagan

Managing Director, Alpine Associates Management Inc.

“One thing I have learned from working on Wall Street for 25 + years is to network when you don’t need it.  Jack Killion is a master networker.  His lifetime of experiences will guide you towards opportunities you never knew existed. Jack’s tips will help craft your story so you can articulate it with confidence to anyone you speak with.  If you want to reach your full potential in your career and life, start networking.
Read Jacks book and get started now, because if you wait to network until you need it, it’s too late.”


Isobel Wayrick

Vice President, Mars International

“Jack Killion is passionate about networking, and communicating with people. He enthusiastically practices what he preaches each and every day.  As a business associate and friend, whenever I need a resource, the first person I think of is Jack. And he never disappoints–he always comes up with the right person from the vast network of useful and inspiring contacts he has developed over the years.  For a long time, his friends have been encouraging him to write this book in his own inimitable style–it is direct, practical, and answers all of the “why” questions.”


John W. Kennedy

Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer, NJMEP

“Networking is briefly defined as ‘the exchange of information or services among individuals or groups, specifically for :  the cultivation of productive relationships for business’. However, missing in this characterization is the fact that no one takes the times to explain why it is so important; or when, where, and how to engage in networking. That is until Jack Killion, as he makes no assumptions and effectively coaches you in what works…and in what does not. This book mirrors his life. Read and learn.”


Raymond Vaccari

Director of the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Talent Network hosted at the NJ Institute of Technology and NJIT Adjunct Professor

“Kudos to Jack Killion for writing this book on Networking!  In the book, Jack gives many examples based on his life experiences, which help make it easy to read and understand.  There is no question that proper networking is the key to success in life.  Jack makes an important point that “You need to do a great job of networking in order to make connections that can result in important new opportunities.” Another interesting part of his book is that networking is not just for business opportunities, it is a way of life.  You can network with people all of the time about all aspects of your life, and improve it.  I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in improving their lives, those of their loved ones and of their friends.


Jeanette Bronee

Founder of Path for Life Self-Nourishment Center, Author

“Networking. The art of generosity.  Killion is both the grandfather and the new thinker of networking. His book teaches us that networking is not about selling ourselves but rather about how we interact with each other in a generous way. Networking with the Killion Method is a way of interacting from the heart, “Jack Killion is a master networker.  His lifetime of experiences will guide you towards opportunities you never knew existed. Jack’s tips will help craft your story so you can articulate it with confidence to anyone you speak with.  If you want to reach your full potential in your career and life, start networking which creates more meaningful connections and is essentially the art of networking. He gives us practical and tangible tools to become great givers of relationships so we can grow not only our own business but also help others grow theirs. The true art of working and living interconnected.”


Diana Bald

Senior Managing Director, National Agency & Strategic Partnerships at Safeco

“Jack Killion‘s book, Network All the Time, Everywhere With Everybody, helped me realize that networking is a continuous opportunity (and adventure) for everyone. If you are curious about others, enjoy connecting the dots, interested in personal and professional growth, or just don’t feel like eating alone, this book offers terrific tips to make the most out of a new connection. It is a quick and easy read and even offers an action plan.”


Sims Wyeth

Founder – Sims Wyeth & Co. Consultant, Speaker, Author

“Jack Killion can make you salivate over the incredible power of networking. He will light your fuse, get you off your butt, and send you out to build a network of trusting, win-win relationships that will sustain your working career.”