Leveraging my book
Network: All the Time, Everywhere with Everybody

My book is the culmination of over 40 years of successful networking and relationship development. The book walks the reader through:

  • why networking is so critical both personally and professionally
  • the Basics
  • determining what type and how good of a networker you are
  • hurdles people face networking
  • keys to successfully networking
  • networking at events
  • networking in groups
  • building and managing your brand
  • the impact of culture on networking
  • how to develop a high impact personal networking action plan.

The book has received strong endorsements.

Besides reading it yourself, the book would be a great purchase for your:

  • Employees. Every professional, regardless of the business sector they are in needs to develop these skills
  • Clients and customers. The book will make a great gift any time during the year. Providing them a copy will be another indication of how much value you place on your relationship with them.
  • Family members all of whom, including your teen age kids, will benefit by learning more about the high pay back from skilled personal and professional networking and about the “How to do” these things.

Books are available on amazon.com.