Boost your confidence and networking abilities by learning why, where, when, with whom and how to network successfully to develop critical career and life-changing relationships.

What is the Coaching Program?

The Program consists of 4 interactive, on-line, weekly, group workshops held on-line at the same time and day each week.

Bonus: In addition to these 4 group workshops, also included will be a bonus 30 minute, one-on-one, on-line session between Jack Killion and each participant individually. These will be scheduled after the 4th group workshop and at a mutually convenient time.

In between workshops participants will be given suggested ways to practice the techniques and skills learned during the workshops.

Things You Will Learn in the Program

Special Bonuses

All participants completing the 5 session program will:

  1. Receive a complimentary copy of my bookNetwork all the time, everywhere with everybody.
  2. Take, at the beginning and end of the 4 session workshop series, our proprietary, 24 question, NQ Pulse Survey developed to assess the networking and relationship development skills of participants. Participants will receive feedback on their results and will experience a sharp increase in their scores.
  3. Receive a Certification indicating successful completion of this program.

This course takes place every Tuesday for four weeks. Your registration fee of $500 covers all four sessions plus the one-on-one coaching session + additional benefits.

You must attend all four sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

The workshop series will be limited up to 12 participants to facilitate interaction among the members.

  • Session 1: November 6th: 12pm – 1:15pm EST

  • Session 2: November 13th: 12pm – 1pm EST

  • Session 3: November 20th: 12pm – 1pm EST

  • Session 4: November 27th: 12pm – 1pm EST

  • Session 5: One-on-One scheduled at participants convenience