Networking Is Not Always Enough!

I held a 3 hour networking coaching workshop recently for the NY based sales force of one of the world’s top 10 financial services firms. Before the workshop I sent all the participants the Bluestone+Killion NQ Pulse  Survey which we use to assess clients’ networking and relationship development skills.

The highest possible score on the NQ Pulse is a 72. A 68 is the highest we have received in 3 years of using the NQ Pulse and getting back over 1000 results. One of the producers on this sales team scored a 67. The lowest score within the group was a 22. The lowest we have ever received is a 5!

The average NQ Pulse score in the group was a 39 which we consider to be about half the skill level that professionals need to really excel meeting people and developing important, results producing relationships. . Typically, after our training, NQ Pulse results jump 50-60 percent.

Finding a major disconnect

When I shared the NQ Pulse results with the VP of Sales he was astounded  at the source of the high score since the company was considering terminating this person’s employment due to his inability to generate sales over a multi-year period.

The VP said, based on the high NQ Pulse, he would hold off ending the company’s employment of the participant if I agreed to work with him to find and eliminate the disconnect between being able to network successfully and generating sales.

Looking for answers

This one-on-one coaching will start near the end of the month. In the meantime, the salesperson’s high NQ Pulse score and low sales productivity has me puzzled. Is he networking with the  wrong contacts? Or, maybe he is networking without having any real goals behind his efforts? Is he doing anything to put potential clients off? Maybe he is simply not asking for the business? Or maybe he just doesn’t have a good handle on what makes his firm and their offerings  unique? What is their competitive edge?  Maybe his follow up and follow through is weak? Or, maybe he is  just not meeting and developing relationships with with enough new potential clients? Maybe he is not harvesting all the sales revenue possible from his existing clients?

Whatever the break-downs are I am sure this will be a very interesting one-on-one coaching opportunity. I do think he will really increase his revenue producing results once we dig in and find the missing elements in his selling approach.



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