Your network can benefit your college age daughter or son

Why not help your young daughter or son get the critically important guidance they need as they get ready to graduate college and make their mark in the real world. We helped our son Jonathan network to the type of quality guidance he needed when he started his senior year at Georgetown University.

Jonathan invited three top people (actually two family friends plus me!) to act as his team in finding and landing his first job out of college. One of the other two previously headed direct mail marketing globally for a Fortune 500 multi-media corporation. The second was an investment banking friend who had been an assistant to the Chairman of Coca Cola before going to work for Disney and playing a major role in developing the park in France after which he headed M&A in Europe for U.S. Surgical. He was the best networked person we ever met. Sadly he passed last year, remaining a good friend of Jonathan’s until the end.

This team of three, all through Jonathan’s senior year, networked Jonathan to a long series of important business contacts including one of the founders of NetJets that was sold to Warren Buffet in the late 1990’s for $725 million. Spending time with exceptional business leaders that the team could provide access to only sharpened Jonathan’s already strong, evolving networking and relationship development skills.

Besides making important introductions Jonathan’s “career advisory team” also helped him develop a high impact resume, practice and sharpen his interviewing skills and taught him effective ways to follow up on opportunities with his networked connections. Obviously they also were strong references. Jonathan had a choice of quality first job opportunities before graduating.

Putting together a life team

Shortly after graduating from Georgetown and starting his financial services career we helped Jonathan network and put together another team of advisors to provide quality guidance for years ahead. Jonathan met and interviewed two lawyers, two accountants, two wealth advisors and two insurance professionals. He picked one of each and asked them to be part of his going-forward team.

Jonathan made it clear in these meetings that starting these relationships early in his career would be good for everybody. Jonathan’s life was still uncomplicated so he would not be a drain on their time and they could not expect to have a major revenue stream from him. But, as his career unfolded and his life took on more dimensions, he would need more of their skilled input at the time he would also be positioned to pay their normal fees.

Plus, as Jonathan and his team successfully learned to work together, Jonathan obviously would become a farm system for these advisors by being well positioned to network his successful Georgetown friends and other contacts to these same advisors.

All the advisors wanted to work with our son. It was win-win.

If you have kids in these college and early career years think about developing resources like these for them. The impact can be amazing!

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